The day of all emotions by Marie Jeanne Ndew Diouf

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#one millions voices ….the voice louder

One million voices. Yes, one million voices is what we call a “call for help”. Who could better listen to the voices of young people than the World YMCA? Yes we have the greatest research with 55 participating countries and 18,000 young people aged 15 to 24 years old.

And as any good thing is to maintain one goes deep with One Millions Voices 2.

#the poignant keynote

When we hear about Madame Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda from Zimbabwe what I say I want to be like her. In a message full of realities full of love and hope she had to keep the assembly in suspense with sincere testimony. Led youngsters especially to young girls must be more listening more supported. After this passage I say to myself as a young YMCA agent what do we do for young girls who are being raped, given enforced marriage to people they do not even know, these girls who do not know the love the freedom to love.

#the evening of good emotions
What stories … the agents of change shared their equally fascinating stories of encouragement for others who may be living or having experienced this.

And what about the group Harlem Globetrotters … wooow combining joy, humor and talent …. yes it was just beautiful !

Marie Jeanne Ndew Diouf is a YMCA Change Agent from Sengal YMCA. She is passionate about childhood education and youth leadership.