Introducing the YMCA of Chiang Mai

Claude-Alain Danthe Daily Updates

The YMCA of Chiang Mai has been serving the local community for 45 years. It has grown over the years and extended into 6 branches in the northern part of Thailand.
It began from an idea backed by a small group of volunteers headed by former President Dr. Boonrem Singhanetr, former General Secretary Mr. Vorakit Kantakalung and friends with interfaith backgrounds and strong belief in “loving your neighbour”.

Since 1970, as a non profit NGO Christian organisation working for social and community development, the YMCA has grown to serve the needs of young people and their families.
Today, in all six branches, the focus is on women’s’ development, health, environmental protection and education of child labourers. We support minority groups and the socially and economically disadvantaged of our society.

The main community development programmes are:

• Environmental preservation
• Women’s development
• Child and youth development
• Uni Y