Krit Thanavanich -Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai

Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Provence welcomes YMCA to Chiang Mai

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“Mr Peter Posner, the President of YMCA, Treasurer and Secretary General of World YMCA and ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to come and say a few words for you all this afternoon, as a representative of the Governor of Chiang Mai.

The YMCA is the oldest and largest youth movement that empowers people to make change in their community throughout the world. I’m pleased that the YMCA is now widely recognised as one of the leading forces in the world that encourages leadership among people to build a better world for all mankind.

On behalf of all Chiang Mai people and representative of the Governor of Chiang Mai I would like to express our gratitude for choosing our hometown as a host for the event. It is an honor that you all come to visit our home which is well known for its culture and heritage. It is an opportunity for sharing your vision and memories during the time of your stay here. On this occasion I would like to give my best wish to all the guests and volunteers. I hope you have a productive and successful conference and every person stays in Chiang Mai.

Thank you.”