Excursions with a strategic social cause

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What does the Doi Suthep National Park, Hill tribes, holistic clef care and pottery making have to do with the YMCA? These deeply education experiences were excursions which tie into the YMCA’s four strategic areas: civic engagement, health, employment and environment. The World Council delegates went on half day excursions on Wednesday to see how strategy can be translated into …

Persistence in the face of injustice or adversity

Claude-Alain Danthe Daily Updates

The second day of the 19th World Council in Chiang Mai provided an insight into the YMCA as a movement and further ensured the wheels of the machine continue turning while also inspiring over a thousand delegates. One Million Voices 2 Research Preliminary Findings Launched “Despite the differences in cultures and languages – young people across the world face many …

Krit Thanavanich -Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai

Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Provence welcomes YMCA to Chiang Mai

Claude-Alain Danthe Daily Updates

“Mr Peter Posner, the President of YMCA, Treasurer and Secretary General of World YMCA and ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to come and say a few words for you all this afternoon, as a representative of the Governor of Chiang Mai. The YMCA is the oldest and largest youth movement that empowers people to make change in their community …

All the photos of the 19th YMCA World Council

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Do NOT MISS ALL THE PHOTOS! #ye4good #ymcaWC18 A big applause to our photo team, a YOUNG TEAM, this is empowerment in ACTION with: Philip Wilson- 28, Cornelius Klingel – 31, Lena Kiesewetter – 19, Ruben Günther – 28, Philipp Leingärtner – 29 You can see all the photos on our Flickr Stream https://www.flickr.com/photos/ymcaworld/

Johan Vilhelm Eltvik

The YMCA is changing for good

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The YMCA always has, and always will be ambitious. Yesterday at the Secretary General Report, as a part of the 19th World Council, Johan Vilhelm Eltvik shared the findings from the YMCA Blue Book of World YMCA Movement Statistics but also his thoughts and memories of his time in the role. “Young people from all around the world need us …

The 19th World Council is officially opened!

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Bright lights, talented young people singing and dancing, glittery Thai performances, bikes transformed into tuk tuks and the moment when it almost looked like World YMCA Secretary General Johan Vilhelm Eltvik was going to sing the YMCA song. Is this a festival or a global conference? Or is it both? Last night the 19th World Council in Chiang Mai officially …