Three things I learnt at World Council by Georgie Nichol

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So, it’s the second last day of World Council. We have all grown progressively more tired as the days have passed, today we’re laughing at each other as we struggle to make our minds work at full capacity. As a friendly face tops up my third coffee for this morning, I breathe a big sigh of contentment and relief. Despite …

Mental health: Our common problem. My Thailand experience

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My name is Lawrence Senamu Dolo Jr, I am a Change Agent from YMCA Liberia. This is my first world Council but it is also my best because it pointed out an issue that I am passionate about. I like to share my experiences from this World Council on mental health with you. Mental health is a very big problem …

The greatest challenge for humanity by Christine Ravn Lund

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The World Council is a fantastic experience every day. My name is Christine, I am a Change Agent from the YMCA and YWCA in Denmark and will be sharing how I experienced Wednesday of the World Council 2018. After some inspiring discussions on ‘One Million Voices 2’ and the untold stories of youth injustice to young people during the group …

The day of all emotions by Marie Jeanne Ndew Diouf

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#one millions voices ….the voice louder One million voices. Yes, one million voices is what we call a “call for help”. Who could better listen to the voices of young people than the World YMCA? Yes we have the greatest research with 55 participating countries and 18,000 young people aged 15 to 24 years old. And as any good thing …

Our first video blog with a YMCA Change Agent

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Elise Håland Knutsen is a 20-year-old Change Agent from YWCA-YMCA of Norway. She is passionate about raising global awareness amongst the youth in her YMCA and make them feel like they can make a change.

World Council Event App Released for Smartphones

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We encourage all participants to download the World Council event app for your smartphone. (If you already have, we hope you’re enjoying it). This app is where all the updated information will be available, in your hands, all the time! Here’s a snapshot of the information available: Programme – with room locations Maps of Chiang Mai, the hotels, locations and …